7 variations of navy stripes earrings

Lately, navy stripes got super popular and the trend seems to carry on. It must be now three or four summers since the navy fashion came up again. In fact, that’s perfect, because I like that pretty much too.

Navy or stripey designs are also perfect for polymer clay jewelry artists. To get the nice stripes, you make a block and once you create your striped block, you probably don’t want to produce the same thing again and again. I am exactly the same. After I made my simple lovely navy stud earrings, I had the whole block to experiment with. All of my other ideas could become reality.

Today, I prepared 7 variations of navy earrings which are made from the same block. Mostly they are my floral designs and shapes, which I make often. 7 ways navy
This is why I love working with polymer clays, you have no leftovers to throw away. In my case, the leftovers are my best creativity boost.


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