Autumn ideas and tips for polymer clay jewelry

Each season of the year is very specific. Very nice and thematic pieces can be created just by combining the right motives, colors, techniques, embellishements etc. Today I would like to show you how and what is giving my autumn jewelry the right autumn feeling.

First of all, the most typicall for autumn is the earthy and warm color palettes. Although I make many floral designs, they are perfect fit for autumn as well because I choose these soft colors and their combinations:

autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-11 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-9 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-3 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-12 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-7 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-1

What I also like, especially to make during the autumn season, is golden embellishment for my polymer clay earrings. It’s one of the easier techniques and looks really really good! Here are some more examples:

autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-2 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-4 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-5 autumn-polymer-clay-floral-jewelry-6


  1. June says:

    Oh my goodness this is so beautiful ! There is no way I could bring myself to cut it!
    I would love to watch more of your work!
    Not sure how I can find more though.
    Don’t know if I will ever know if you reply to this or not but I would sure like to learn how I can get to more of your tutorials!
    This was not just beautiful and educational, and I must add inspiring, but it was so relaxing! Thank you so much for sharing!

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