Easy Polymer Clay Flower II. | FREE Tutorial

Here is another simple but very cute polymer clay flower tutorial for you to try!

What you will need is:
– Polymer clay
– Acrylic roller
– Blade
– Tiny heart-shaped cutter
– And of course papers and napkins – something for keeping your working environment clean

The steps are:
1. Condition your clay.
2. Use the acrylic roller and roll it flat to approximately 1mm thickness.
3. Cut 3 hearts using the heart-shaped cutter.
4. Neaten the hearts with your fingers that the edges are nice and smooth.
5. Fold each heart at the bottom.
6. Attach to each other.
7. Your flower is now almost ready, but it has a “stem”.
8. Cut the stem carefully away using the blade.
And you are done! 🙂

Here are also some photos to illustrate the steps described:

And what can you do with these cute flowers? There are endless possibilities 🙂 Here is an example:

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