VIDEO: Easy Polymer Clay Flower Earrings | Slab Tutorial

We are closing the 2020 with this video tutorial on these polymer clay flower earrings. It’s an easy one also great for beginners to enjoy 🙂

More advanced clayers can create the petal cane with more details, or even maybe create another cane for the leaves. The slab technique is truly amazing, it has no limits and is also a great fun. Enjoy and stay creative!

Material and tools:
• Polymer clay – various colours – we use Fimo
• Acrylic roller
• Slicer / knife
• Needle
• Ball stylus (dotting tool)- 2 different sizes
• Papers as working surface
• Toilet paper to clean the roller and slicer

First you will be creating a very simple two coloured cane which will later be used for the petals. Then the polymer clay for the slab base will be rolled to the almost right thickness. We are leaving it a bit thicker than is needed, because it will be rolled one more time later. Then, the leaves are prepared from two different green tones. The leaves, petals and yellow centers are shaped and placed carefully on the slab and the slab is rolled one more time until it reaches the desired thickness. The next step is probably the most fun part. The details are created / drawn with an ordinary needle. And the final touch – dots. We absolutely love dots 🙂 They perfectly fill the spaces between the flowers. Then comes the cutting. We use simple cookie cutters – a larger one and the smaller one for studs.

We want to wish you great start in the upcoming 2021! Have fun and stay creative 🙂