VIDEO: Flower Bouquet Earrings| Polymer Clay Embroidery Free Tutorial

Floral statement earrings with various tiny detailed flowers – this is our favourite polymer clay earrings style to create. Polymer clay embroidery or applique technique is a technique where tiny bits of polymer clay are applied to the base to create various designs.

polymer clay flowers emrboidery earrings

In this tutorial you will learn how to make 5 kinds of flowers, which can be used also for your other polymer clay slab designs – rose, hibiscus, chamomile and gypsophila also known as baby breath. Beside that we give plenty of useful tips for your polymer clay handmade arts. Enjoy this tutorial and have fun creating!

Material & Tools used in the video:
• Polymer clay of various colours – we use the brand Fimo and Cernit
• Acrylic roller
• Blade cutter
• Dotting tool / ball shaping tool
• Silicone brush / rubber shaping tool
• Needle
• Cookie cutters
For finishing your earrings you will also need: standard kitchen oven/toaster oven, sand paper, drill for holes, super glue, jump rings and studs.