VIDEO: Honeycomb & Bees Earrings | Polymer Clay Slab Free Tutorial

Enjoy our new and free polymer clay slab tutorial this time it is a honeycomb with sweet little bees earrings.

Aren’t bees lovely creatures? They absolutely are.

Few months ago, when we have made VIDEO: 5 Textures for Polymer Clay | Using Household Items we had not only 5 ideas for the household items, but there were around 15 items in our list that we wanted to show you, how they can be used for polymer clay textures. One of the textures was also for creating a honeycomb. How the time passed by, we came to the point that the honecomb texture needs a completely separate video, since we thought that you would also want to see how to model the bees in an easy way.

And here it is, Honeycomb & Bees Earrings | Polymer Clay Slab Tutorial. Have a look with us, how this cute polymer clay slab can be created with no special items:

Material & Tools:

○ Polymer clay
○ Acrylic roller
○ Slicer/flat knife
○ Needle
○ Hex key
○ Cookie cutters

For the complete method watch the video and enjoy this fun and easy tutorial.