VIDEO: Peacock Earrings | Polymer Clay Free Tutorial

In this polymer clay tutorial you will learn how to make these lovely peacock earrings. This design is also perfect for creating a larger polymer clay slab to place more peacocks on it and to produce a larger batch of same design earrings. These trendy statement earrings are also a great DIY gift idea!

Firstly, here is some inspiration on color combinations we already tried for this project. The baby blue peacock earrings are very sweet and somehow remind us of barocco paintings. The purple background serie gives us super tropical vibe, probably because of the flower color selection. And the black serie is very bold with colorful peacocks. So here you can see what style variety you can achieve just with changing the colors:

And finally, here is the polymer clay peacock earrings video tutorial! Enjoy!

Material and Tools:
• Polymer clay of various colours – we use the brand Fimo
• Acrylic roller
• Blade cutter
• Dotting tool
• Needle
• Cookie cutters
* Spatulas (optional)