VIDEO: Polymer Clay Fairy Forest Earrings | Slab Tutorial

Who doesn’t love fairies? They are super cute, magical and a perfect inspiration for a polymer clay slab earrings. So we have made one and we also shot a tutorial which you can now follow and use this design (or some parts of the design) for your own DIY jewelry projects.

Actually the slab came out really great and we were also a bit sorry to cut it into earring pieces. But have a look, it was totally worth it and the results are great. This is the Fairy Forest, a polymer clay slab earrings serie:

And here is how the polymer clay slab looked before cutting:

And finally, time for the video tutorial!

Material and tools we use:

• Conditioned polymer clay of various colours – we use brand FIMO
• Acrylic roller
• Slicer
• Ball stylus
• Needle
• Cookie Cutters
Total time: Creating this polymer clay slab took us(2people) approximately 5 hours. Do not rush, tiny and precise details need your patience 🙂 You will be rewarded with a beautiful result!

This tutorial requires some experience with polymer clay modelling, specially because of the tiny parts. But if you go for good quality clay, you will definitely achieve better results. For example, we use Fimo. Also Fimo has softer series and harder series, you need to find what is good for you.

Have a great day and stay creative! 🙂

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