VIDEO: Polymer Clay Swan Lake Earrings | Slab Tutorial

Follow our free video tutorial and create these magical polymer clay earrings!

In the video you will see how the polymer clay slab is made. Each important step is shown slowly and in detail, if needed. You will see how to roll the polymer clay, how to model the swans, water lilies and all details around. You do not need any special equipment, just polymer clay, few modelling tools and time for your modelling session.

Enjoy and make some amazing DIY polymer clay jewelry ?

Short on time?
This project as a whole might take a bit more time. What we suggest, if you are short on time, is that you choose a style / scene from the earrings. Then you roll polymer clay so, that there is just enough to cut two large circles. Use the cutter, to mark the cutting area and create only there, just the scene that you chose 🙂


  1. LeAnn Parsley says:

    I just found you on Instagram and saw the “Swan Lake” slab, then also went to YouTube to watch the tutorial but what I was most interested in finding out and couldn’t find it at either place, were the colors of polymer clay used! I love how the colors jumped off that black clay! You did a wonderful job! Just would like to know the clay and colors you used! Thanks in advance!

  2. admin says:

    Hi LeAnn, thank you for your message and kind words! We use Fimo polymer clay, but the colors are mostly custom mixed. Since many people ask about the colors in our projects, we are also thinking about creating some color mixing tutorials in the future.

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