Winter birds | Polymer Clay Earrings Step by Step Tutorial

Polymer clay embroidery (or applique) technique is something what we adore very very much. This naturally lead to many experiments and that lead to some nice results as well. One of them is a whole serie of earrings and other jewelry with winter fairy tale theme. You can check our Winter Tales serie here. Or check our spring serie here for even more inspiration.

It might be a bit early to publish a winter themed tutorial in September, haha.. We wanted to make sure that you have enough time to master this technique and have amazing winter themed earrings just in time or even make beautiful Christmas presents for your friends and family 😉

We picked one of these designs to create a tutorial and now we are more than happy to share with you how to make these polymer clay applique earrings of your own. It’s written in an easy way and you won’t need any special or expensive equipment. Also you will probably find out that this technique is easier than you expected.

You can find the tutorial in our ETSY shop. It is a pdf document consisting of 25 pages with detailed instructions, tips and many photographs. This tutorial will teach you some of the basics of polymer clay applique technique, you will discover the principles. It will give you good base to start creating even your own designs later.

If you would like to know what to expect inside the pdf document, we are sharing with you some of the pages. Step by step instructions and photographs of each step will guide you through the whole process of creating your own earrings:


Polymer clay applique (or embroidery) technique requires some patience but we are sure you can make it on your own even if you are just polymer clay beginner.

We hope you enjoy our new tutorial. Definitely share with us your results 🙂 Have a nice day and stay inspired!

Are you a total beginner at polymer clay jewelry making? Check our beginners video course right here and learn how to make your own polymer clay jewelry.

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